The Founders

We began our creative partnership as band mates in an electro trip-hop duo based in Brooklyn. After three years of producing together, we began to scrape the surface of our shared passion for design. We became transfixed with finding inventive ways to marry our unique aesthetics, to combine Silas’s obsession for reclaimed, raw materials with Jillian’s discriminating taste for sleek lines and futurism.

With the ideation phase underway, we chose to move out to the West Coast to garner more square footage for our workshop and design studio, as well as tap into the ample creative community of local makers in Los Angeles. With our facilities equipped and our visions aligned, we began the process of prototyping and perfecting our designs. Within four months, we had designed, fabricated, and launched our first collection of hand-crafted Crater Made home goods.


When I wasn't out in the woods of rural New Hampshire building over the top tree houses and forts, I was in my parents tiny basement tinkering with old tools and scrap wood. From a very young age, and without really knowing, design and fabrication were a huge part of my life. When I was 12, I borrowed $300 dollars from my parents and built a full sized pool table on a budget, using a family friend's workshop. With this project complete, I realized that a life of making would bring me the most enjoyment, and I was ready pursue it on a grander scale.

Fast forward almost a decade, I graduated Syracuse University with a Bachelors of Industrial Design, a Minor in Architecture, and a concentration in jewelry design. From there, I went on to work for the talented industrial designer, Cas Holman, who specializes in unique educational toys and playgrounds; and then onto acclaimed lighting studio Allied Maker, who produces custom light fixtures using raw materials for major hotels, airport lobbies, and designer homes. In both of these roles I was immersed in the world of design, production, and the management of carefully considered high-quality goods. I played an integral role in the development of ideas to finished tangible products, and learned the ins and outs of creation on a professional level. 
A couple years later, my ferocious taste for learning had me part ways with Allied Maker to experience the world of digital fabrication in New York City. During this time, Jillian and I began producing our first EP and decided to focus our energy on music. However, the designer in both of us started to get restless, and we knew we needed go back to our maker ways. With a packed-to-the-brim Rav4 and a dream of doing it big in LA, we embarked on a cross country road trip to find warmth and space to make. 
During one of our first drives through the city, we found ourselves peering into a beautiful lumberyard that I would soon to discover was full of old-growth, reclaimed wood from turn of the century Mid-Western barns. Sure enough, two weeks later, I landed a job as a custom furniture maker at Ross Alan Reclaimed Lumber. The team, the atmosphere, and the wood brought a flame back to my fabricator/artist spirit, while the work tuned up my rusty maker skills. About 4 months in, Jillian and I had a breakthrough coffee-induced day of design. We unpacked our skills and experiences, discussed our favorite designs, materials, and forms, and discovered that a business of home goods was exactly what we wanted to build. Using Jillian's eye for design and expertly curated sense of lifestyle content, and my deep understanding of the design and production of hand-crafted quality goods, Crater Made was born.



Design has always been a keen interest of mine. Growing up, I was enamored with HGTV and Trading Spaces on TLC. I spent countless nights rearranging furniture and using my babysitting money to buy new accessories for my 8x10 bedroom. I honed in on this passion when I became a flash sale curator at Wayfair in 2012, which provided me with a crash course into the business side of the home vertical. I went on to live abroad for three years, working as a freelance travel writer, photographer, and content developer in some of the world’s most charismatic cities. Through my lens, I became transfixed with the interior aesthetic of cities all over the world. From the airy beach vibes of Cape Town apartments to the gritty characteristics cafes in Berlin and Penang, the past meeting futurism in Tokyo’s architecture, the clean minimalism of Oslo - I was soaking it all in and refining my design palette.

When I returned to the states, I became a content producer for a home app, which required me to stay at Airbnbs and write design stories of beautifully styled spaces. Through this experience, I forged relationships with inspiring designers and artists, and it encouraged me to begin fabricating products in my own vision. My favorite days became those beginning at a hardware store and ending with a pipe leg table or a concrete stool. What I didn’t expect was that I’d ultimately partner up with someone who could take the concepts I’d accrued in my mind and notebook pages, and convert them into tangible, masterfully crafted works of art. In collaborating with Silas, I’ve come to appreciate the materials and the production process, and have had the opportunity to elevate and foster my own design sense - one which has been evolving since those early days of sleepless nights rearranging furniture.

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