Our Materials

The inspiration we draw from makers before us is not only in concept, but in the physical materials we utilize. We are devoted to making the "they don't make them like they used to" goods, utilizing long lasting solid raw metals and (what we are most excited about) old growth lumber, which is becoming increasingly scarce. Old growth lumber comes from over a hundred year-old trees left to grow on their own accord, resulting in extremely unique grain patterns and strength unparalleled to current farm-raised wood.

What makes our old growth lumber even more exciting is that it has already been through the hands of expert craftsman who had harvested, milled the wood using traditional techniques, and crafted iconic turn of the century barnsĀ in the Midwest. Not only are our products made to be precious and long-lasting, but they're made to reflect a previous era of making and each hold a little piece of history.

All of our products are expertly sealed using high quality food-safe finishes. With that said, brass will be brass, which means with use over time, brass will become a warmer tone and may exhibit areas of patina. We personally love the way brass turns, because we love raw metals and see these changes as the soul of these materials. But we also understand if you like your products to stay extra sharp. If you feel like any of your pieces are becoming overly-tarnished, send them over and we will be happy to refinish them in your first year of ownership for only the price of shipping!